5 Tips to Keep Ants Away from Your Home

Did you know that there are about 700 species of Ants located in the United States? But only a few are known to invade your home. During the summer, the ants are looking for a dry, cool place to make their new home. We at Bug-N-A-Rug have compiled a small list to help you be able to keep the ants away. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 Tips we have for you and your family below.

5 Tips to Keep Ants Out

1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cleaning the Kitchen Counter tops to prevent Ants

Most homes in the south will find ants in their kitchens. Keeping your kitchen clean is a good start to keep the ants away from your cooking area. Using Peppermint Essential Oil can help keep those bugs away. You can take a clean cloth and wipe the countertops off with some peppermint oil. Also, make sure that you keep your countertops clean and free from any spills or crumbs. This can help keep most bugs away if you just remember to keep the kitchen tidy.

2. Seal Cracks & More

Ants will find a way into your home through cracks and gaps no matter if your home is new or not. Yes even that tiny gap at the back door, they will find a way. So to avoid any of the issues make sure to check and see if there happen to be any gaps around the doors and windows. If you do happen to see a place where they may enter the home, then just properly seal it so the ants have no place to get into your house.

3. Piles of Wood or other Materials

Living in coastal North Carolina, you may have a pile of wood or other materials that could help the ants come into your home. Cleaning up around the house and getting rid of the piles will help keep the ants out. Also, if you keep the piles limited on your property it will help as well. This can be good to make sure that everything is free from being near your home.

4. Clean Pantry Out

Ant infestation in the kitchen of your home

Sometimes you may think that the ants are only coming in for your countertops, but they are looking for a source of food. Cleaning out your pantry can help keep those pesky bugs out of your home. Make sure that all boxes have not been left open for the bugs to make a home. If you like to keep say cereal or sugar in your pantry, make sure they are in a tightly sealed container.

5. Sign up for Regular Visits

Signing up for regular pest control visits can help keep these bugs and many others out of your home. If you sign up for yearly or quarterly pest control visits, then you can help keep your home free of the bugs, but can also save you in the long run. We would be happy to help you when it comes to keeping your home pest free.

If you have am Ant issue now, please contact us today to get a no obligation consultation. We will visit your home and see if you have an infestation. We want you to make the decision if you want for us to help you treat the problem. We can take care of the ants inside and outside your home. We have offices in the Wilmington, NC area and the Brunswick Country area of North Carolina to help you with all your pest control needs.

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