6 Ways to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

One bed bug has the power to undo what was a wonderful vacation and you won’t even know it until long after you’ve arrived back home. They can hitch a ride in your luggage, clothing, or gear from wherever you’ve stayed and set up housekeeping once they arrive home with you. Here are 6 solid ways to protect your family and avoid bed bugs when traveling.

Use a flashlight to look for bed bugs.1. Be sure to pack a flashlight in your suitcase before ever leaving home. This will aid in checking the bed linens where you’re stay prior to unpacking.
2. Upon arriving at your destination and before bringing in your luggage and other items, use the flashlight to do a thorough inspection.
3. Remove the blankets, sheets and mattress pad from all beds and using the flashlight, closely inspect both sides of the mattress and foundation, especially paying close attention to the seams and crevices.
4. It’s not difficult to see bed bugs. Signs include fecal spots (small dark sand-like droppings beneath nests), blood smears on sheets (fecal spots that are re-wetted will smear like fresh blood), and the presence of their empty moulted exoskeletons
Call Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators5. Using the flashlight also check the headboards and around the frames of the beds, other furniture in the room, picture frames and the dark crevices in drapes.
6. If you spot any signs of bed bugs immediately as the hotel or resort owner to give you a different room far from the one you just inspected. Be sure to do a thorough inspection of the new room as well.

It’s far easier to avoid bed bugs when traveling than it is to rid your home of them once you have an infestation. If you suspect you may have brought some home with you, and you’ve seen indications of bed bugs, give us a call at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators and we’ll pay you a visit and perform an inspection. We can be reached at 910-254-9443 in Wilmington or 910-754-9700 in other Brunswick County areas.

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