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Silverfish: Sneaky Little PestsSilverfish: Sneaky Little Pests

Silverfish: Sneaky Little Pests
We all have seen them whether it’s inside your home, the garage or outside. Silverfish happen to be the most common pests found indoors, especially in the fall and winter months. These pests prefer warm and humid environments like most of coastal North Carolina. And they seem to appear more once there is a drop in the temperature. While many homeowners like to try to take care of the problem on their own, they may not get rid of them that easy. We at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators know how to get rid of them properly for you. Let’s look at why these are sneaky little pests.

About Silverfish

You can distinguish them by their oblong shaped bodies, long antennas and they are silver in color. But don’t be fooled by their appearance because they are capable of some pretty impressive feats. They are very good at repopulating and female silverfish can lay 1-3 eggs at a time. Did you know that most silverfish can live up to 3 years of course without getting the proper treatment from your exterminator? While the eggs normally take a few months to hatch, it’s best to get them taken care of now before you have a bigger problem on your hands, an infestation.

How Sneaky Are They?

Silverfish: Sneaky Little Pests

Silverfish normally will enter your home by hitchhiking a ride on cardboard boxes, books, papers and other items you may bring into your home daily. How sneaky of them indeed. Once they have made it inside your home, they will soon establish their own residency. They will look for cracks in your walls, doors and floorboards. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures, so they will be more active at night than in the day, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see them during the day.

They Are Harmful

While many thinks that Silverfish aren’t harmful, they can be so don’t be mistaken. They can cause damage to your home and clothing. You may find holes in your furniture, books, clothing, and wallpaper. And if they are turned loose in your pantry, silverfish will chew through cardboard, plastic, and paper packaging going straight to your food. Let’s hope they don’t get into your food in your home at all. We know you don’t want to deal with it ever.

Are They Hard to Get Rid Of?

Silverfish: Sneaky Little Pests

Silverfish can be difficult to get rid of once they have made themselves at home in your home. Seeing how they might have a steady food source and a nice warm place to live, why would they want to leave. So, we know that getting rid of them and having an exterminator come to your home is important. We do recommend helping keep them at bay by keeping the humidity levels in your home low, storing all food in airtight containers, vacuuming your floors and furniture regularly and inspecting walls and doors for cracks. If you do have cracks caulk as necessary to help eliminate their way of entry into your home.

If you already have an infestation of silverfish at your home or you’d like to prevent it from ever happening, please call us at 910-254-9443 today. We want to help make sure your home is as safe as it can be and pest free especially with the holidays coming up. We at Bug-N-A-Rug hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday this year!

Keep Your Home Pest-Free During the Holidays

Keep Your Home Pest-Free During the Holidays
The holidays will be here before you know it and that means that decorating your home with festive decoration is perfect. But did you know that your decorations could have some uninviting guests that are more than friends and family? Yes, pests have decided to invade your home and your holiday decorations too. They like to hide in your garage, pantry, closets and even your attics. And these are places where most will store their holiday decorations at least 11 months out of the year. We at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators have some tips for keeping your home pest-free during the holidays this year.

Inspect Those Boxes

While most wouldn’t think that their holiday decorations have some hidden guests in there, they might. So be sure to inspect the boxes before taking them out of storage. Look for signs of pest infestation which can include rodent droppings, gnaw marks on boxes and spider egg sacs. If you happen to spot something that might look suspicious, take the box outdoors and do further investigation before you unpack those decorations.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free During the Holidays

If you are bringing in live greenery such as trees, wreaths or holiday plants into your home be sure to shake them outdoor before you bring them inside your home. You don’t want to have any unwanted guests sneaking inside your home for the holidays.

DIY Projects

If you decided to do any DIY projects that you may have found on Pinterest and they use things from outside, inspect them first. Making holiday decorations for your home after you found the idea online can be fun, but if it involves anything from outdoors we suggest you inspect the foliage first outside. If you happen to notice that there are creepy crawlers on the item found outdoors, then you can shake it off or not use it. We know that those DIY holiday décor can be cute, but we too don’t want to see your home have an infestation over it.

Examine Your Decorations

Keep Your Home Pest-Free During the Holidays

As you unpack your decorations after you have checked the boxes, carefully inspect the decorations. Shake off your trees and garlands outdoors in case a pest left some unnecessary items on it for you. Before you hang up the Christmas lights on the house, be sure to check the string to make sure that the wiring is fully intact. Any lights that look like they have been gnawed on or chewed, throw them away and purchase new ones this season.

After the Holidays

When it’s time to take down the decorations after they have been up for a month or so, it will be time to store them. We suggest using durable, sealed containers for your holiday decorations. Refrain from reusing the boxes that you have used for years because that will only lead the pests to getting into the boxes. Pests can’t chew through the containers compared to those cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

If you have already started unpacking those holiday décor boxes and have realized that you might have a problem, please give us a call today. We don’t want you or your family to go through any issues this holiday season. We at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators hope that you and your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with your friends and family!

How to Deal with Pest Control Issues After Hurricane Florence

Recently much of the coast in North Carolina and South Carolina was shaken to the core by Hurricane Florence. With this storm it brought disastrous flooding and severe destruction which left hundreds and possibly thousands of homes damaged from the storm. As much as it is devastating to watch our communities begin to work to rebuild their lives and homes we know that it will take time to do so. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with, there is another major issue that will add to our troubles from the flooding: unwanted pests. This happens to be a common side effect from the amount of water and damage it has caused, also caused an upset for pests and wildlife. They too have been forced from their homes as a result of the heavy rains and flooding.

If you happen to be dealing with this aftermath of flooding and have been plagued by the presence of unwanted pests, Bug-N-A-Rug understands. We too live in an area and have gone through the same problems as you have. We have the tools, products and knowledge to help you overcome the infestation of pests as you and your family rebuild your life after Hurricane Florence.

Common Pests That Emerged After Hurricane Florence and the Floods

We know that we aren’t the only ones who were affected by the heavy rains and flooding. Insects and animals have had their homes ravaged as well by the disaster. Some of us might have sought shelter during and after the storms and just like us, pests and wildlife will do the same to stay safe. But unfortunately, it would be our homes and these pesky critters will seek out our home as their new breeding area.


We understand that mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests out there, but they have been known to make an appearance after the heavy rains and flooding. While we may be miserable if we head outside and try to clean up, it seems that mosquitoes thrive in these conditions. On top of making sure that you protect yourself with using DEET, it will not though get rid of them. In addition to their itchy bites they leave, they are also dangerous because they have the ability to carry diseases such as West Nile and the Zika Virus. Mosquitoes can kill more people annually worldwide than any other insects.


Another pest that many have to deal with after flooding is ants. As the water begins to recede after the flood, you can expect to find a lot of ants. You will also find a large quantity of fire ants after the storm and floods too. But did you know that fire ants can build their mounds on the water? This has been seen in a lot of different areas this year during the flooding. Know that if you step on them, they will bite. But many people are allergic to them and after you get bit you will find blisters on your feet and legs. We suggest avoiding the mounds and calling us in to help take control of the infestation!

Rats & Mice

Most of us are used to seeing rodents whenever the weather changes, even a little change you will see them. But you also can see a rise in rats and mice after a flood because they too have been forced from their homes. You often will see them in your home or garage making a new home but they have survived thousands of years being able to squeeze or chew their way into dry areas.


Many homes these days have already been treated for termites, but when a major flood happens this can cause for the treatment to be compromised. Moving water and soil can create treatment gaps allowing termites to access your home. This will require for a re-application of termite protection materials to help keep your home safe.

Mold and Mildew

Many know that mold and mildew is the leading cause of death amongst those who have health issues. Be sure to check everywhere in your home even if you did not have flooding. Check under your crawl space and if you had any damage to your roof or siding be sure to check everywhere. If you happen to have any damage, moisture will evaporate up and into your home which in return will cause mold and mildew. This can cause major health-related problems along with the threat of pest infestation. If you aren’t so sure, please have a professional check for you.

Any storm such as Hurricane Florence can cripple a subdivision, neighborhood, or even an entire town. Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators understand and know what you are going through because we are in North Carolina and the area. We want to be able to help you in any way we can with dealing with the pests that you may be experiencing after the storm. We have offices in Wilmington, Brunswick County and Hampstead and know what you are going through. We do have a special on a post-hurricane mosquito yard treatment for $75.00 for average sized yards. Please give us a call today at 910-754-9700 to get started with a treatment for your home!