Home Pest Control: Keeping Beetles at Bay

When it comes to your family’s home it’s important to know what is in the pantry. Pests invade homes and at this time of year beetles are running rampant when the lights are out. That is a fact of life. They get in and while you may not always know how, it’s your job to eradicate them swiftly and thoroughly. Prevention will always be the simplest and cheapest line of defense for homeowners. We’re going to suggest some additional pest control methods for dealing with or preventing beetles in your home.

Home Pest Control: Keeping Beetles at Bay
1. Keep a close eye on your pantry or other place where food is stored. Pantry pests include meal moths, pantry beetles, and ants. If you discover pests in your food, throw the infected items in the trash can outside.

2. Pest proof your home by being proactive. Don’t leave food or crumbs out on the counter and clean up spills right away. Repair any wet or rotting wood beneath the sinks or tubs.

3. There are commercial pest control products that are labeled as being environmentally friendly and safe to use around children and pets. These include citrus based sprays, plant or essential oil based sprays, organic insecticidal soaps, pantry moth traps and moth traps.

Home Pest Control: Keeping Beetles at Bay4. For a backyard mosquito repellant burn cedar oil. The oil can be applied to household plants, used as a treatment in bedding or for bathing larger pets and animals. It is an environmentally-friendly treatment that is effective against fleas, bed bugs, spiders and many other insects.

5. If you’re dealing with ants use a small amount of castile soap in a two gallon bucket of water and either apply using a spray bottle or by pouring along areas where ants frequently appear.

6. Other tried and true natural remedies for beetle control that have been around for ages include using crushed mint leaves to ward off fruit flies, a sugar/borax mixture for cockroaches or ants and crushed catnip drives away cockroaches, too.

Pest control doesn’t have to be toxic to be effective. There is much information on the internet for other green ways to keep your home pest free or to deal with an existing pest problem. But if things get out of hand and you’re ready for exterminators to come in, give Bug-N-A-Rug a call at 910-254-9443 in Wilmington or 910-754-9700 in other Brunswick County areas. We offer solutions to your beetle problems that are sure to work the first time.

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