How To Pest Proof Your Home and Save

As the weather begins to turn warmer homeowners may notice an increase in the various types of pests beginning to appear around their homes on a regular basis. Humans aren’t the only ones that appreciate the warmer temps – insects and rodents do too! There’s an assortment of things a homeowner can do to pest proof homes this time of year. Take the following preventative measures and you’ll be ahead of any problems that could develop.

How To Pest Proof Your Home and Save

Close Your Windows & Doors
No matter what type of pest it is, from the tiniest to the largest, they gain entry into your home and garage the same way you do – through the doors. Make sure your windows close tightly and your doors provide a tight seal when they are closed. If you like letting the fresh air in then consider having screen doors installed. Check your garage door to be sure it goes the whole way to the floor when it’s closed. Replace any seals if needed.

Seal Up Openings
Do a thorough inspection of your foundation, door jams, dryer vents outlets, outdoor electrical boxes and water spigots for gaps or other potential entry points. Seal up any openings you may find using a caulk made for outdoor use. Some people have had good luck using steel wool to keep rodents out.

How To Pest Proof Your Home and Save

Repair or Replace Screens
If you have any holes in your window or door screens you should have them replaced or repaired. You may not think insects can find their way through these holes but they can.

Eliminate Standing Water
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant standing water. Prevent your birdbaths from becoming breeding grounds by cleaning them weekly and refilling with fresh water. If you have low spots in your yard that collect water have them filled in with topsoil. Bags of topsoil can be purchased at garden centers or you can have a local landscape company come by to do it.

How To Pest Proof Your Home and Save

Trash Receptacles
Make sure your trash cans have securely fitting lids. If you want to be extra sure raccoons won’t get into your trash, further secure the lids with tight fitting bungee cords and keep your cans inside the garage.

Removing Old Wood
To prevent termites and carpenter ants from setting up housekeeping in your home, remove any old wood from your property. If you store firewood for your own use, do so away from the house. A simple lean-to will keep firewood dry without the worry of pests entering the home.

How To Pest Proof Your Home and Save

Other Access Points
Chimney vents and crawl spaces are two spots that a homeowner may never give a second thought about. To be pro-active in protecting against pets it’s important that both of these have wire mesh of some type over the openings to prevent entry.

We know these tips will help you to keep pests out of and away from your home. Some years it does seem like an ongoing battle but it’s one every homeowner faces. If things get out of hand or you’re concerned by what you’re seeing, don’t hesitate to give Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators a call at 910-254-9443. We’d be happy to come to your home or business and take a look at the situation and talk with you about how we can help.

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