NC Woman Awarded $100k in Bed Bug Lawsuit

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A jury awarded a six-figure settlement to a North Carolina woman who filed a lawsuit against hotel giant Red Roof Inn after she said she suffered injuries from Bed bugs at one of their properties in Prince George’s County, in Maryland, the Washington Post reported.

Stacey Belle of Winston-Salem said she stayed at one of the chain’s hotels in the 6100 block of Oxon Hill Road for one night in January 2014. She woke up during the night itching. After turning on her lights, she saw welts covering her arms and hands. She lifted her pillow and found bedbugs crawling. "She was completely disgusted," said Belle’s lawyer Daniel Whitney, of Towson.

In the lawsuit, Belle claimed that the Red Roof Inn on Oxon Hill Road had previously found bedbugs in guest rooms and treated infestations. But the hotel did not check that Belle’s room was free of bedbugs before it was rented to her, the lawsuit claimed. The jury awarded Belle $100,000 as compensation for her bites and subsequent distress.

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