Rodent Awareness Week 2018

Rodent Awareness Week 2018
Rodent Awareness Week this year is October 21-27th and is used to help spread awareness about rodents. We at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators want to take this as an opportunity to help inform you and your family of the many dangers associated with these pests. We also want to help inform you of what you can do to avoid them.

Is There A Season for Rodents?

While we would like to think that there isn’t a season for rodents at all, but there is. They are active year-round, but you will normally see them as the temperatures cool down. The time of the year you will see them more is in the fall and winter months as they are looking for shelter from the cold weather. They too must find a new home as their home is sometimes compromised from snow, ice and cold weather. The easiest way to avoid rodents year-round is to have a year-round pest control plan that will allow us to regularly check for entry points plus a variety of other prevention methods.

Why Must They Make an Appearance?

Rodent Awareness Week 2018
We all think to ourselves and wonder why must rodents make an appearance each year to our home and property? Why would I have rodents in the first place? If by chance rodents made it inside your home, it only means they have found an entry point. And that means that they have most likely found food or water which comes with “free” shelter for them. And don’t think that they won’t breed because rodents breed quickly which only means the worst-case scenario for you. It means infestation and they can hide in a variety of places such as behind walls, crawl spaces, attics, cabinets, garages and even behind your fridge.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

Yes, rodents can carry a variety of serious diseases along with damaging your belongings. Their diseases can put you and your family at serious risk which we don’t want to happen. Rodents can also bring in other pests to your home such as fleas and ticks which can be dangerous as well. Needless to say, they are dangerous to you and your family and you must allow professionals to handle the issue. Don’t attempt to do it on your own!

Can We Get Rid of Rodents?

Rodent Awareness Week 2018

Rodents are nocturnal so eliminating they from your home and property can often be difficult. We have known for many homeowners to getting a cat in hopes that they will “take care” of the issue. But did you know that even some cats are afraid of the rodents. Many homeowners have also tried to take it into their own hands and try to trap them. But without the knowledge of how to track them down and their habits, then it will become more difficult than you thought. Leave it to the professionals to track these pesky rodents down to help you gain control over the rodent situation you may have.

If you are realizing that maybe you have a rodent issue already, then please contact us today to get you started on a plan. We would love to help keep you and your family safe and protect your home from these pesky critters. We have offices in the Wilmington, Brunswick County and Hampstead Area. We look forward to assisting you and your family stay safe in the cooler months from rodents.

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