Warm Weather Exterminating Services in Wilmington NC

While the recent below freezing temperatures probably did a good job of eliminating many of the pests that reside outdoors there were probably an equal number that sought refuge inside your home. With the warmer temperatures right around the corner with the arrival of Spring it’s only a matter of time before the make their presence known. When that happens you’ll want to contact us at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators.

Flea and Tick exterminating services in WilmingtonWhether you are seeking bed bug diagnosis and elimination, termite inspection and treatment, or a host of other possibilities, we offer a full range of exterminating services in Wilmington and the surrounding counties.

Fleas and ticks are a good example of insects that will seek the warmth of your home when colder temperatures are in the forecast. It’s bad enough that your dogs and cats can catch fleas and ticks outdoors and carry them inside but it can occasionally happen in reverse as well. It’s important to discuss preventive measures with your vet to see what they recommend. Fleas can quickly become a big problem if left untreated whether on your animals or in your homes. Along with following your vet’s recommendations it’s important to bathe your pets periodically, frequently wash human and pet bedding, pet collars and their plush toys, and vacuum carpets, floors and furniture on a regular basis. Fleas have quick breeding capabilities and a few can turn into a large number in short order, posing a serious health risk to pets and family. If you see any indications of fleas or ticks in your home give us a call at 910-254-9443 and we’ll come do an inspection and discuss how we can help you.

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