What’s Santa Bringing to Your House This Christmas?

Just about everyone looks forward to this time of year when the holiday season arrives. The decorations go up, there are many holiday festivities to attend, and the spirit of Christmas fills the air. Children make out their wish lists for Santa and try hard to be on their very best behavior. But there are some things Santa might bring that were never on your list at all! As your local Brunswick County pest control providers, we’re offering the following tips to help you spot those unexpected gifts!

Live Christmas Trees

Live Christmas Trees in North Carolina

All across the country many people put up the traditional live Christmas tree every year in a corner of their living rooms. They search high and low for that perfectly shaped tree at a price they can afford, and then they take it home and set it up. What they may not realize is that there’s a good chance they’re bringing more than just the tree into their home.

A common insect that resides on live Christmas trees is the Cinara aphid. This bug measures up to a ¼” in length. Don’t squash this bug or you’ll wind up with a purple stain.

Our Recommendation

Give the tree a good shaking followed by a close inspection before bringing the tree into the home.

Visiting Family and Friends

Visiting family and friends

Families come together from near and far to share in the celebration of Christmas. Occasionally these guests unknowingly are transporting bed bugs. They may have brought them from home, picked them up at a hotel where they just stayed, or even gave them a ride back to your home from a movie theater or other venue.

Our Recommendation

After your guests leave, vacuum the entire house well. Pay close attention to the bedroom where they stayed thoroughly vacuuming the top and bottom of the mattress and box spring.

Boxed Holiday Decorations

Boxed Holiday Decorations

When it’s time to put up the decorations you’ll be digging into boxes that haven’t been opened since last year. Not by you anyways. Check the boxes over for any entry holes that weren’t there previously. This would indicate rodents have set up housekeeping inside. Insects can get into closed boxes easily without leaving any sign. Keep an eye out for eggs and crawling or flying insects as you sort through your decorations. It’s best if you did this outdoors. Once you’re sure nothing is living in the boxes, then bring them in.

Our Recommendation

Store your holiday decorations in plastic bins with tight fitting lids. Try to find a location other than the garage or crawl space where you can safely keep them. The closet of a guest room is ideal. Under bed storage boxes on wheels are also a good option.

If after the holidays have passed you find you’ve lost the battle with the unexpected holiday insects, give us a call and we’d be happy to come assess the situation for you. Until then, we’d like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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