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How Do We Exterminate Your Ants

We'll treat your house inside and out for Ants

We want to stop Ants entering your property and also to eradicate all Ants that have already set up shop. Our treatment method is completely safe, eco-friendly and will require no upheaval whatsoever on your part as we go to task.

We have the experience and service team that is knowledgeable in all Ant infestation problems.  We know our Ants and how to get rid of them for you.

Call us today for a FREE Home Evaluation.  If you reside in Wilmington, NC call (910) 254-9443 or if you reside elsewhere in Brunswick County call (910) 754-9700. We'll send a technician out to your house for a FREE consultation and inform you of what steps to take next. There's no obligation in our consultation. We gaurantee a simple and risk-free consultation.

Why choose Bug-N-A-Rug for your Ant treatment?

Bug-N-A-Rug has been in the pest control business for over two decades. Our highly-experienced technicians know how to diagnose an Ant problem and precisely just the treatment plan required to rid your property of the problem.

Know More About The Ants In Your Area

There's no denying the staggering success of Ants as a species.

Ants form colonies as big as 500,000 individual Ants, due to their Eusocialtiy, - a high level of organization within Animal Sociality.

These feverish insects have a plan that's worked since the age of dinosaurs and they have populated the globe in quite remarkable numbers. There are literally hundreds of billions of Ants thriving on planet earth and some of those little critters would dearly love to move in on your home.

Why you want Ants gone from your home

Wood-boring Ants can do obvious structural damage to your home and potentially cost you thousands, so it's a no-brainer to want those gone immediately. Other Ants can bite. And then there's the general concern of uncleanliness in the home and the mess Ants leave behind with their droppings and when they die. You also have to worry about damage to your electrics, piping and flooring.

Check out more Ant Facts Here

Tips to prevent Ants invading your home

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