4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid DIY Pest Controls

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid DIY Pest Controls
Being a homeowner can be fun, lots of work and sometimes you think you can handle anything. But when you have unwanted guests who like to invade your home you might think to take care of the situation on your own. We at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators are here to tell you that it’s not always the best idea to do your own DIY pest control. Let’s look at 4 reasons why you should avoid do it yourself pest controls in your home below.


For many homeowners, they will often want to confront the pest issue on their own because of the cost. But did you know that when you do it yourself, you may see that you will end up spending more money in the long run. You may find that it’s just as expensive or even more expensive than having a professional come into your home every three months. Allow our professional team members to come in and help you save money.

It Can Be Dangerous

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid DIY Pest Controls

Yes, this is a big one that not all homeowners know about it. Applying different chemicals can not only be dangerous for you but can be harmful to your family members and pets. While using some different products you could possibly mix up the containers or use too much of a product. This in the end will not only make you sick, but it could make your children sick too.

Where Are They All Coming From?

When you first see an infestation in your home, the first thought is “I know exactly where they are all coming from”. Many homeowners think that they can figure out where the insects and pests are coming from but using a professional exterminator will help keep your family safe. We know where all the places a pest can enter a home and help prevent it from entering again. Leave it up to the professionals on this one.


4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid DIY Pest Controls
Do it yourself pest control is not as effective as hiring an exterminator. The pest control products that you purchase in the store are not as strong as what the professionals use. You may find that you are having to do more than one treatment. Calling an exterminator to come treat the pests instead will be more effective.

If you and your family are dealing with a pest infestation or want to avoid the pests before they are a nuisance, then give us a call today. We at Bug-N-A-Rug can help your family stay bug free this summer and the rest of the year! We look forward to helping keep your home pest free!

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