Get Your Home Ready for the Termite Season

Get Your Home Ready for the Termite Season
Soon winter will be over, and spring will arrive, but did you know that it’s also the start of termite season? Each year termites leave their nests and will often fly away in groups because they are searching for new ground to settle in. They are often looking for new sources of food such as the wood that make up your home. At Bug-N-A-Rug we can help you get your home ready for termite season this year by following a few easy steps below.

Eliminate the Moisture

One thing that termites need to continue to live is a source of water. We understand that living on the coast of North Carolina, there is a greater chance of termites showing up around your home’s foundation. While we know you can’t eliminate when it rains or how much standing water there is you can divert water away from your home. If you don’t have any gutters on your home, this is an easy way to help eliminate the collection of water by your foundation. Another easy way is to make sure that your home’s pipes are in good shape and aren’t leaking at all. If you happen to have a crawl space, make sure that you open the vents around you home to make sure it doesn’t build up moisture under your home.

Eliminate Food Sources

Get Your Home Ready for the Termite Season

Termites have come to find a new home and they love to veg on rotting logs, tree stumps and any wood they can possibly find. To help keep them away from your home you will need to remove any stacked firewood, rotting landscaping and even bags of unused wood mulch. If you happen to have wood mulch in your landscaping throughout your yard, replace it with rubber mulch or even rocks. Changing these few things can help keep the termites away from your home and invading it.

Remove Overgrown Brush

Having a large amount of overgrown brush around your home’s foundation can provide a source of moisture and even wood debris. This can allow the termites to breed and even for other pests to breed and make their home. Since the warm weather is coming soon, now is the time to get that growth away from your home. Cut or trim back your shrubs and be sure to continue to keep them trimmed throughout the summer months.

Have Your Home Inspected

Having your home inspected by a professional on a yearly basis will help you keep your home pest and termite free. North Carolina can be considered a hotbed for termites and we want to help keep your home termite free. While most homeowners may think they can spot the signs of a termite infestation, we at Bug-N-A-Rug know exactly what to look for. Termites can come up through your foundation and can enter through cracks as narrow as a piece of paper. Only a professional can spot a problem or not. We want to ensure that your property and home is as safe as it can be from termites.

Get Your Home Ready for the Termite Season

If you happen to suspect that you have termites in your home, please contact us today at 910-254-9443. Treating the termites on your own are not effective and they can be harmful to your family and pets. We know how to spot what kind of termite you may have and know the right effective treatments.

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