Termite Season In Wilmington Is About To Start; Are You Ready?

March 9, 2020

Brace yourselves: termites are coming. Seriously, peak termite season is just around the corner for Wilmington, NC. If you’re a resident in the area, don’t risk leaving your house unprotected this spring. Keep reading to discover the best termite prevention tips to make your home termite-proof.

termite swarmers on a house wall

When Does Termite Season Begin?

Termites start forming new colonies as winter changes to spring. As soon as the ground thaws and the trees bud, you can expect termites to be on their way, looking to set up new colonies near homes like yours. Termites have been avoiding the cold inside their colonies all winter, so once spring comes, they’re active, energetic, and ready to expand. The term “termite season” is a little misleading: termites are active all year long, but they only create new colonies during this time, which is why you typically only see termite "swarmers" in the early spring months.

I’ll Believe It When Termites Fly

You read that right. You may see flying termites. Also known as termite swarmers, these pests typically only come out once a year, when a colony has grown so big that it’s looking to create nests in other locations. Swarmers have round, brown bodies that grow to around ¼ of an inch long. You won’t always see them, but you may see signs of them: swarmers often leave their wings around your lawn and, in the worst-case scenario, inside your home.

Swarmers are highly reproductive and looking to start new infestations, so seeing them around your house is only the first sign of trouble. Once the signs have disappeared, you may think that the termites have as well. In reality, they’re probably digging tunnels beneath your floorboards, preparing to turn your home into an extended feast. Any sign of swarmers can be a bad omen for your home unless the termites are terminated quickly.

Termite Prevention Tips

As the season of high termite activity comes upon us, there are actions you can take to prevent an infestation. Consider the following:

  • Clear away wood. Removing old stumps, construction material and any other wood-based products such as cardboard from your yard will make your yard less attractive to termites. Another good step is moving firewood away from the exterior of your home and kept up off the ground.

  • Replace moisture-damaged wood. Termites are attracted to moist spaces, and they're more likely to chew through moist wood than dry wood, so be sure to inspect your house, especially your crawl spaces, for any water damage that would attract termites.

  • Eliminate wood-to-ground contact with your house. Termites nest in the soil and come up to your home's wood for food, so the more cellulite and organic material that touches the soil, the more attractive your house will look.

Remember, just because you see swarmers or their shed wings around your property, it doesn’t mean you have an infestation, just that there’s the potential for one.

Nonetheless, signs of termite activity shouldn’t be ignored, and neither should you take matters into your own hands. DIY termite treatments may be cheap, but they’re also ineffective. The only solution that works comes from a name you can trust. Learn more about our process for getting rid of termites at Bug-N-A-Rug, or contact us today, and we’ll make sure your infestation stops before it starts.

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