Wilmington Homeowner’s Bed Bug Identification Handbook

November 5, 2021

Taking steps to familiarize oneself with bed bugs and what signs to look for can be a good idea when residing around the North Carolina coast. While a Wilmington homeowner’s bed bug identification handbook would be helpful, Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators are available to offer practical advice and assistance for eliminating homes of bed bugs.

bed bug on bed sheets

Issues With Identifying Bed Bugs

Although technically visible, these tiny pests can be one of the most problematic insects for the average homeowner to identify with the naked eye. Bed bugs can be mistaken for carpet beetles, ticks, booklice, fleas, bat bugs, and even young cockroaches. These insects look so similar to other bugs that identification can be tricky. Sometimes it can be easier to pinpoint signs that indicate bed bug activity than identifying the bugs themselves.

The Appearance Of A Bed Bug

Adults have somewhat of an oval shape and can grow to roughly about a quarter of an inch long; they are about the size and shape of an apple seed. Adult bed bugs are brownish before feeding and afterward stretch out in length, take on a reddish hue, and become noticeably bloated. 

Baby bed bugs, also known as nymphs, exhibit less coloring. These pale juveniles are smaller, too, only getting as big as five millimeters. Their eggs are white and extremely small, about the size of a flat pinhead. Empty eggshells left behind are not as bright white and may appear dull compared to newly laid eggs. 

Not sure if the bug in question is a bed bug? Contact us at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators for knowledgeable advice on this pest from one of our residential pest control professionals

Sure Signs

Rarely, if ever, are there just one or two bed bugs that materialize in a home. Consult the Wilmington homeowner’s bed bug identification handbook to learn that finding proof of these pests can indicate more than just their presence but a serious problem. There are several visible signs to check for when searching for any traces of bed bugs:

  • Actual Bed Bugs: If bed bugs are alive and well in the home, then it’s safe to say there could be issues. Sometimes these insects can hitch rides from hotels, schools, businesses, and other houses, but more than likely, they plan to colonize if adult bed bugs are wandering about.
  • Bed Bug Remnants: Dead bed bugs, molted skins, eggs, and eggshells can indicate a definite presence of these pests. If homeowners notice any of these remains, they should be on high alert.
  • Bites: Noticing small, red bumps on legs, arms, neck, or even the face? Bed bugs could be to blame. Most victims cannot help scratching these itchy bites that can quickly swell into welts. The typical bed bug bite does not appear instantly and can take a few days before the person even notices.
  • Stains: Seeing dark-colored or black fecal spots is another surefire sign that bed bugs have been up to no good. These gross spots may be found in carpeted areas near baseboards, on mattresses, behind headboards, in corners where walls and ceilings meet, and on mattress foundations.

Pro Tip: Although their name indicates living primarily in bedding, bed bugs can be found throughout the home, in furniture, headboards, walls, baseboards, window treatments, molding, doorframes, books, ceilings, and many other locales.

Bed Bug Wrap Up

Probably the most important takeaway from the Wilmington homeowner’s bed bug identification handbook is calling in the pros. When a bed bug sighting is confirmed, there is no time to waste! Our technicians at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators are specially trained to handle any bed bug problems with speed and ease. 

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