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Bug-N-A-Rug staff is fully equipped with the necessary tools to resolve any moisture control issue you and your home may be facing. In the warmer months or during the times where there is excess rain, condensation and moisture tends to build up in the crawlspace and absorb into the wood and insulation. This moisture build-up can cause major damage and health issues to you and your family.

Excess moisture in the crawl space of your home can have a devastating structural impact and potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Estimates suggest over $1 billion of damage occurs every year in America as a direct result of excess moisture issues, not to mention the drop in resale value suffered by homeowners who succumb to serious problems.

What are the signs of an excess moisture problem:

Insulation dampness, musty smells and cupping hardwood floors are among the key indicators of an excess moisture problem in the crawlspace. The bad air caused by excess moisture can also be apparent in health problems suffered by those living in the house above. You might notice allergies and asthma symptoms increase.

What are the biggest problems caused by excess moisture:

What does Bug-N-A-Rug specialize in:

We specialize in crawlspace encapsulation and sanitation, moisture barriers, dehumidifiers, fungus remediation, deris removal, and insulation repair. Our moisture barriers range from a standard 6-mil polyethylene to 12-mil fiberglass reinforced material.

We also provide the highest quality dehumidifiers to help resolve your moisture issue. We use top of the line dehumidifiers in Sierra Global and Santa Fe.

What are the results of a Bug-N-Rug treatment:

We'll take your crawl space, remove the moisture and humidity and make it a healthy environment that is primed to resist a moisture problem developing in the future.

All of our methods are completely eco-friendly and our results guaranteed to generate the ideal crawl space conditions to promote structural safety and a healthy environment in the house above.

These before-and-after images demonstrate the service delivered by our expert moisture control technicians.

Click on the picture to see the Before and After Moisture Control Treatment Results!
crawlspace moisture control moisture barriers moisture control foundation power vents

Think you might have a moisture problem:

Call Bug-N-A-Rug on (910) 254-9443 to schedule a completely free, no-obligation consultation at your property. Our technicians are experts at measuring moisture levels, and with over two decades of experience in this business we're uniquely qualified to diagnose and remedy your moisture problem.

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