Mosquito Control

Wilmington & Brunswick County

Bug-N-A-Rug can provide proven mosquito treatments to allow you and your family to enjoy you the outside of your house as much as the inside. The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to allow us to evaluate your situation and surrounds and then construct the best method of attack to eliminate your mosquito population.

During our initial research we will start by eliminating standing water, potential breeding areas, and areas were these insects lay eggs. We then start with a eco-friendly treatment plan that will reduce the mosquitos in your area, kill mosquito larvae and any areas where mosquitoes would breed.

Bug-N-A-Rug's mosquito control program will provide you and your family the peace-of-mind that your mosquito problem will be taken care of. Even with the use of essential oils, citronella candles, and other mosquito repellents, they can still find their way back. Our programs will help control this return infestation providing a barrier around your home, preventing adult mosquitoes from multiplying.

Take comfort in knowing that you will not be taking this issue along, Bug-N-A-Rug will be with you throughout the treatment process.

Call Bug-N-A-Rug today and a trained expert will visit your home when it is most convenient for you to examine your situation.

Mosquito Facts

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