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Thanks Bug-n-a-Rug for your exceptional service. Not only did you service my home in a quick and timely manner, but also Kevin was friendly and professional. In addition, I haven’t seen a bug since. I’m already recommending Bug-n-a-Rug to my family and friends. L. Daniels,Wilmington, NC

I had a whole lot of flying bugs that came out of a hole in my wall that turned out to be termite swarmers. Needless to say, I was really upset and called Bug-N-A-Rug. They had an inspector out to my house within a couple of hours and gave me a great price to treat my home. Thanks so much for taking care of my problem and putting my mind at ease!

After a particularly hard rain, my wife and I woke up to ant trails in the kitchen.  I was convinced that ants had infested the bottom of my house and that we would never get rid of them.  Our Bug-N-A-Rug technician was able to quickly identify the ant trail and apply a poison bait which the ants mistook for food !  Within 2 days, my house was clear of ants.

Lol Oooh goodness. We are just really pleased with the customer service and the up front honesty and the really awesome pricing didn't hurt either! Plus this is the 3 rd flea treatment we've had in a couple of years...and this is the only time we've noticed an actual difference!! And we are local business owners our selves and we know that most of our most loyal customers found us by word of mouth or chose us over our local competitors based solely on our web based customer reviews. But thanks again because it looks like we'll getting some sleep instead of getting bit tonight!

R. Schille

I would like to compliment one of your employees - Cameron. My husband and I have used many pest control services over the years, with varying success. We now live near water and have had many problems with bugs. Since Cameron started servicing our home, we have had NO bugs. Before, the bugs still came in and died, which meant I was getting rid of dead bugs - admittedly better than live ones - but we now have no bugs at all - thanks to Cameron and his thorough attention to spraying all areas where insects could enter! I`ve told him that we only want his services from now on. He`s a great employee - and I want you to be aware of that. Thanks for great service!

S. Nelson

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