Sunset Beach NC Bed Bug Exterminators

Sunset Beach NC Bed Bug ExterminatorsLiving on the coast can have its benefits: sunny days and mild temperatures dominate much of the year with enchanting landscapes stretching throughout the barrier isles. However, this type of environment is prone to house a number of insects and for homes that are located on one of Brunswick County’s low-country islands, you may experience a pest or two. At Bug-N-A-Rug, we serve the southeastern region of North Carolina with quality pest control. Our dedication to removing bed bugs from your home and/or business reflects our success rate in eliminating pests.

For starters, we make sure that our Sunset Beach NC bed bug exterminators deliver premium service to ensure optimum results in the extermination of bed bugs. We offer treatment plans that give you options of monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly assessments, treating your home with the best insecticides that protect you and your family from these pesky creatures. Bed bugs are commonly found in the folds of fabric and in the tufted sections of mattresses where they can hide and reproduce, undisclosed.

Don’t wait until you have an infestation to call us! We’re here to help you determine whether you have an issue! Early detection is the sure way to prevent these insects from taking over your home. Here are a few clues that can help you determine if you have bed bugs:

Sightings of: Blood smears on sheets --- fecal spots --- skin irritations and rashes --- molts --- OR smells that resemble: over-ripened raspberries or almonds --- all of these mentioned are sure ways to detect whether bed bugs are present in your home.

Once detected, be at ease. Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators employ a bug free maintenance plan that will ensure your home and surrounding environment with the protection that is needed to prevent a future intrusion. Because bed bugs can survive for up to two years, it is vital that your home be treated immediately upon detection. Our Sunset Beach NC bed bug exterminators can implement a great plan for your home, no matter the size of the job. Using the best equipment along with the most effective products available, we are trained to target every crack and crevice.

We target:

All of this is to ensure that your family is safe and comfortable as no one would enjoy living on the beach under the conditions of a bed-bug ridden home. The team at Bug-N-A-Rug understands that family is first as we are a family owned and operated business that focuses on the comfort and well being of our communities’ households. Protect yourself, children and pets from the various insects that tend to invade our homes.

Fill out our free in-home evaluation. This allows the experts to get a first-hand look at your property so that you have the upperhand in detecting any sort of intrusion. You can also inquire about our environmentally-friendly pest control products. Your well-being drives us to be the army against invading insects of homes in the coastal Carolinas and as your Sunset Beach NC bed bug exterminators, we pledge to protect your home from these pests! Call today and schedule an evaluation for your property!

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