Five Quick & Helpful Facts About Mosquitoes In Wilmington

July 20, 2020

Mosquitoes are irritating pests. They can make an outdoor even miserable and make you want to spend as little time in your backyard as possible. But mosquitoes can do more than leave itchy red welts on your skin. They have the ability to transmit diseases. Here are a few facts that every Wilmington family should know about mosquitoes.

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1. Mosquitoes Are The Most Dangerous Animal In The World

A mosquito isn't much to look at, especially when compared to a lion, tiger, bear, or shark. Yet it far exceeds these and other animals in its ability to kill people. It is likely that you know why. Mosquitoes are a vector for dangerous viruses. Malaria alone is responsible for nearly a million deaths worldwide each year. No other animal can come close to impacting humans to the same degree.

Why is it helpful to know this?

Because it is important that you have a healthy concern when it comes to addressing mosquito populations in your yard.

2. Mosquitoes Fly

One of the big reasons mosquitoes are such a threat to us is that they're able to fly around us and land on us. Ticks, fleas, mites and other parasites can't do this. So mosquitoes have an unparalleled ability to spread diseases. But mosquitoes don't fly around all the time, nor do they fly very far. A typical mosquito won't travel more than a few hundred yards in its entire life.

Why is it helpful to know this?

Because you should know that eliminating mosquitoes in your yard can have an impact. It takes time for new mosquitoes to come in and replace the mosquitoes you've eliminated.

3. Mosquitoes Rest

Most of the time, mosquitoes are resting. They don't fly around in your yard all day long waiting for you to come out. They find a place to rest and wait till an opportunity to get a blood meal presents itself. This is why you can look out into your backyard and not see any mosquitoes buzzing around, but then get mobbed by mosquitoes when you go outside.

Why is it helpful to know this?

Because treating resting sites can have a big impact on how many mosquitoes you have in your yard.

4. Mosquitoes Incubate Viruses

Not every mosquito that bites you can spread every disease to you. You might think that they pick viruses up with their needle-like mouthparts and spread them to you from the last person they bit, but this isn't how it works. A mosquito draws blood into its gut, incubates the virus there, and the virus moves into the salivary glands. If a mosquito can't incubate a virus, it can't spread it.

Why is it helpful to know this?

Because the worst disease-spreading mosquitoes in the United States are known to breed in stagnant water. If you remove stagnant water resources, you can eliminate mosquitoes before they can become a threat to you in your yard.

5. Not All Mosquito Viruses Are Local

There are many viruses that can be spread by mosquitoes. Some are local to the United States. Some only occur as outbreaks. Fortunately, the deadly malaria virus does not currently have a reservoir in America. But West Nile virus does, and it claims many lives every year. When a virus has a local reservoir (which means it is found in the local animal population) newly hatched mosquitoes can contract these viruses in the spring when they hatch.

Why is it helpful to know this?

Because mosquito-borne diseases aren't only a threat from the outside of our country. We have several within our borders. This is an ongoing threat that every family should be aware of.

How To Address The Threat Of Mosquitoes

Routine treatments to resting places around your home, and the removal or treatment of potential breeding sites, can have a big impact on mosquito populations, protecting your family from the real and present threat of mosquito-borne viruses. Mosquito control can have amazing results, and it can be like getting your backyard back. If you've had enough of all those mosquitoes, contact Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators and schedule mosquito services for your Wilmington home. No home should be without it.  

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