How Big A Problem Is That Ant In Your Wilmington Home?

ants on counter

When ants get into Wilmington homes, they can present many problems. How problematic they can be depends on the species. Today, we're going to take a moment to look at a few problems ants cause and how you can protect your family and your property.

Food Contamination

All ants have the potential to get into your packaged foods and contaminate them. This contamination comes from harmful bacteria picked up in trash cans, drains, and other dirty places where ants crawl around. Some ants can be found crawling on the open wounds of cattle, livestock, and pets. Some ants can be found feeding on dead animal carcasses.

Contamination Of Surfaces

When ants crawl around in your kitchen, they can cause contamination simply by crawling over surfaces. They can contaminate your cutting board. They can contaminate your plates and silverware. It is important to realize that the ants you see crawling on your counter could have been crawling in your trash can a few minutes earlier.

Damage To Wood

Most of the ants that get into your home won't do any damage to your home. They get in through available entry points. But one type of ant is able to create entry points. It is called a carpenter ant. If you see large black ants in your home, you have more to be concerned about than contamination and the stomach illness that can result. Over time, carpenter ants can destroy your home.


By now, you must know about fire ants. These frustrating pests have been slowly moving across the state. If they've come into your yard, they can present a threat to the safety of everyone in your home, and anyone who visits. Fire ant bites, which are actually stings, can lead to a serious allergic reaction for some individuals. If fire ants find a way into your home, they can present even more of a threat, especially to infants, the elderly, and anyone who is unable to get away from their stings or unable to communicate that they are being harmed.

General Frustration

Ants are generally considered to be an annoyance. They get into North Carolina homes by the hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands. When homeowners attempt to get rid of them, they often make the problem worse by causing colonies to bud, or deal with ongoing problems because their ant treatments just don't get the job done.

How To Get Control Of Ants

The first step in getting control of ants is properly identifying the ants that are creating the problem. Each ant species is slightly different, and each requires a targeted treatment strategy. This strategy is best developed by a licensed and experienced pest control professional. A professional will appropriately select and deploy baits, apply necessary exclusions, and systematically work to get complete control of the ant problem, using the least amount of pest control product.

Ant Control In Wilmington

If you're dealing with an ant infestation, you can trust Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators for interior and exterior ant control in Wilmington and the surrounding areas. Our team has the experience and training to deal with the ant species that are a problem in our region. They have a track record for solving ant problems, even the kinds that leave you scratching your head, wondering where on earth those ants are coming from. Reach out to us and schedule a pest control estimate for your home. This estimate includes a free, no-obligation pest inspection. We'll let you know what you're up against and guide you toward a specific solution for your ant infestation.

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