Problems Cockroaches Cause In Wilmington Homes

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Like most people, you’re probably disgusted by roaches. Maybe you’re not so disgusted that you write absurd fiction about turning into a roach, but you don’t have to be Franz Kafka to find cockroaches nasty, disturbing little critters. Once they get into your home, they’re downright horrifying. Residents of Wilmington, NC can implement certain prevention tips, but cockroaches are common in the area, so let’s dive into what these roaches might look like and how to keep them at bay. Contact us for pest control service in Wilmington NC!

Identifying Common Cockroaches

In case you don’t know this, there are thousands of different cockroach species. Before that information makes you pass out, don’t worry — most of them stay underground or in forests far away from human life, very few of them find your home desirable, and most species don’t even live in Wilmington. However, it’s important to know which roaches pose a threat to your household, because the earlier you spot the signs of an infestation, the quicker it can be removed.

Here are some common roach varieties in North Carolina:

American Cockroach

Perhaps the largest and ugliest insect you’ll ever encounter, American roaches are, unfortunately, a common infestation. Like other roaches, these guys have six spiny legs, antennae, and vestigial wings they rarely use for flight. American Cockroaches grow to over one and a half inches in length and have flat, light-brown, oval-shaped bodies. 

German Cockroach

Despite the name, these critters likely originated in Africa or Asia, though they can survive pretty much anywhere with human dwellings. German roaches are much smaller than American roaches, measuring only about a half an inch. Compared to American roaches, German roaches are darker and rounder, with more pronounced wings that are incapable of flight.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

Closely related to American roaches, the smoky brown is also a larger species, growing to around one and a quarter inches in length. These roaches are easy to distinguish with their dark, mahogany bodies, sometimes with shades of a brighter red, and they are much shinier compared to other species of roaches. Like American roaches, Smoky brown roaches have wings that are functional but rarely used.

Why Are Roaches Bad For My House?

Regardless of which species is plaguing your household, all roach species can spell trouble for your family. Most of these problems are disease-related.  Roaches are vectors of many kinds of bacterial diseases, most commonly E. coli, salmonella, typhoid, cholera, and listeria. Even if you don’t catch any of these diseases, they can still transmit them to your family or pets. Also, prolonged exposure to the dust and droppings that roaches leave behind can cause respiratory problems, from allergies to asthma.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

If you see one roach in your house, you likely have many more, and all of them can carry different pathogens and dangers to your household. Thus, the best thing you can do is stop the infestation before it starts. Consider the following as part of your prevention plan:

  • Cleaning day: Roaches are more likely to set up shop in dark, protected spaces that are rarely disturbed, including piles of junk in storage, the areas beneath heavy appliances, and the backs of closets. 
  • Seal the castle: Cockroaches are attracted to your home because it’s warm and has a food supply, which is something they can sense if there are any cracks in your foundation. Identify and apply sealant or repairs to any gaps in your windows, entryways, shingles, vents, chimney, or other places around your home’s exterior.
  • Turn off the night lights: External lights attract nocturnal bugs, so turn your lights off before you go to bed.

Let’s Poach The Roach!

Even the best prevention plans fail from time to time. Cockroaches are persistent, so if they make it into your home, don’t fret, and definitely don’t take matters into your own hands. As Wilmington’s premier exterminators, we have the expertise to clear your home of pests with our professional pest control services. Learn more about our roach removal process, or reach out to book an exterminator today here at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators!

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