What Every Wilmington Resident Ought To Know About Mosquito Control

May 15, 2020

Mosquitoes are an insect that has stood the test of time. They have survived Earth's last few extinction-level events and have been around since the time of dinosaurs. It is no wonder that killing them today isn't easy.

mosquito biting on a residence skin

Mosquitoes spend their adolescence as a larva swimming in water. They spend their adulthood flying around sucking our blood and spreading diseases. Even the non-diseased mosquitoes leave a bite that could be painful and irritating. They leave large, itchy bumps on our skin and torture livestock and pets, and those are the best-case scenarios.

The list of diseases that mosquitoes transmit to humans increases regularly. The CDC says that today, mosquitoes can spread dozens of untreatable and incurable viruses.

Mosquitos Like Water

We typically find higher populations of mosquitoes around water bodies like marshes. But even a jar left in the yard that holds water for more than seven or eight days can spawn mosquitoes. Old tires are notorious for creating perfect mosquito breeding habitats. Other water-collecting mosquito attractants include wheelbarrows, buckets, kiddie pools, storm drains, or birdbath.

What You Ought To Know About Mosquitos

The biggest problem we face with mosquitoes is their rapid maturation rate. An egg turns into an aquatic nymph that will become a mosquito in approximately seven to fourteen days. 

The best thing each homeowner can do to rid themselves of mosquito problems is to not allow water to collect around their yard. If you have a birdbath, rinse it out at least once a week, otherwise, things like old tires, wheelbarrows, and buckets that catch and hold rainwater need to be overturned and left to dry.

Unless you live next to a marsh or swamp, getting rid of all the standing pools of water around your yard can go a long way to rid yourself of mosquito infestations. For those of you who still get mosquitos in your Wilmington yards, a little help from BUG-N-A-Rug Exterminators might be just what you need.

Reliable Mosquito Control In Wilmington

Mosquitoes have been around for a long time, and like it or not, they're a natural part of the ecosystem. For those of us who enjoy living next to nature, we need to find a balance. We know that when it comes to our yards and families that mosquitoes can spread disease making it important to exercise appropriate mosquito control.

For those who experience yearly mosquito infestations, BUG-N-A-Rug Exterminators are here for you. We have the experience and know-how to stop the mosquitoes so that they won't ruin your time outdoors. Our experts will inspect your property to determine the origin of your mosquito activity. Then, we will make a plan to eliminate these annoying pests.

Our experts at Bug-N-A Rug use a fog treatment that kills the mosquitoes where they rest during the day. We will retreat your property every 21 days to ensure that you won't have to wage war with mosquitoes all summer long. If you're planning an outdoor event, we also offer a one-time treatment option. Contact us today with any questions and to make a plan to rid your Wilmington yard of mosquitoes

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