How To Tell If Your Wilmington Home Has A Cockroach Problem

April 21, 2021

When you’re dealing with problems in your life or at your job, the first step is to understand the problem. The better you get to know whatever it is you’re dealing with, the more successful you’ll be at solving it. That’s typically the problem with cockroaches in Wilmington. While you probably understand that you don’t want roaches invading your home, you might not understand (yet) just how extensive your cockroach problem can be.

a cockroach crawling on tile flooring

Hazardous Home Invaders

The common roaches that invade Wilmington homes range in size from a quarter of an inch to an inch-and-a-half long, and they range in color from light brown to a dark brown or red. Many of them feature a hardened outer shell that resembles armor on their back, clear wings, and lighter, sometimes slimy-looking underbellies.
Everyone knows that cockroaches are nasty, but few people understand just how dangerous they can be. Since they spend most of their lives searching for food in places like dumpsters, sewers, and landfills, they’re dangerous bacteria carriers. As they search through your house for loose crumbs or poorly stored food, they’ll spread the bacteria all over the place, putting you at risk of harmful diseases.
Because roaches are averse to human interaction and light, it can be very hard to know if your home has a full-blown infestation. They’re usually only active when you’re not looking. However, if you allow roach infestations to linger, your chances of getting sick will skyrocket, and the problem will become harder and harder to solve as these filthy pests reproduce within your walls.

Spotting The Signs 

Since roaches can be so hard to notice, it’s very important to keep an eye out for the signs of a roach problem. Roaches will leave droppings in the corners of rooms, closets, or cupboards. They resemble black pepper. Their egg capsules are usually found sporadically throughout the home in the event of a severe infestation.
While roaches move around, they’ll secrete a pathogen that can leave a smear mark or cause a yellowing of the walls. This pathogen can cause allergic reactions in humans and pets, but the smear marks left behind can be an easy way to spot a roach infestation.
You might also notice a musty odor building up throughout the house (another result of the pathogen), and roaches will even leave their shed skins behind in the low-traffic areas of the house. You’re most likely to bump into a live roach in the middle of the night if you surprise them in the kitchen or bathroom (any area of high moisture buildup or high chance for loose crumbs). Keep in mind that seeing just one live roach could be a sign of a large infestation.

Proper Prevention Strategies

Unfortunately, roaches are not only dangerous home-invaders but formidable ones as well. Their strong, yet flexible exoskeletons allow them to squeeze through cracks and crevices throughout your home, making them nearly impossible to corral, and even harder to keep out. 
Since they’re so hard to get rid of and keep out, it’s easier to focus on limiting what can attract roaches in the first place. You can limit their attraction to your home by:

  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Cleaning regularly
  • Controlling moisture issues

Unfortunately, you can do all of these things and still incur a dangerous infestation. If you do spot signs of roach problems, don’t waste your time or money trying to get rid of them yourself. The best thing to do if you spot signs of cockroaches is to call the professionals at Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators. Give us a call today for any current or potential roach issues. We can get your home back to being roach-free once again!

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