What Wilmington Property Owners Ought To Know About The Dangers Of Cockroaches

July 30, 2020

There are few Wilmington property owners who would say, "I am so glad I have cockroaches." We can almost unanimously agree that cockroaches are gross. But are you aware of just how gross cockroaches are? Do you know that cockroaches eat feces, or that some roach species lay their egg pouches in rotting, gelatinous organic sludge in the bottom of trash bins? It may be disturbing to think about, but you should know that cockroaches aren't just gross to look at. They are dirty insects that should never be allowed into your home. Here are a few more things you should definitely know about cockroaches in Wilmington.

cockroach near drain

Cockroaches Spread Harmful Microorganisms

It should not come as a surprise that cockroaches have the ability to pick up and spread harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and other organisms. They get these invisible critters from dumpsters, sewers, dead animals carcasses, compost piles, and more. They can even acquire them inside your home. A cockroach is predisposed to exploring the rim on your toilet, or climbing around in rotting sludge inside your kitchen drains.

Cockroaches Shed

When cockroaches run around inside your home, they shed particles that can make you sick. These particles, along with the feces, urine, and shed skins of cockroaches, can aggravate asthma symptoms. Studies have shown that hospitalizations for asthma-related symptoms increase in homes that have cockroach infestations.

Cockroaches Cause Rashes

If a cockroach runs across your skin while you're sleeping, it can leave a rash. This is due to an allergic reaction. This was first observed in 1943 when health care providers noticed that patients developed a rash immediately after having a cockroach crawl across their skin. In 1959, tests concluded that some people have a cockroach allergy.

Cockroaches Bites

Are you aware that cockroaches can bite? While they don't prefer to feed on living tissue, they can sometimes bite sleeping people accidentally. As roaches attempt to eat dead skin in eyelashes or around the eyes, they can bite living tissue. These bites usually become inflamed because of exposure to bacteria on the roaches.

Cockroach Pests

There are many cockroach species in the United States, but only a select few make themselves pests inside man-made structures. In our area, the two most common cockroach pests are the German cockroach and the, aptly named, American cockroach. They can get into your property and stay. When they do, they can spread illness in your home and cause allergies. How bad the illness will be, depends on the sensitivity of everyone who lives in your home, and how clean you keep your home. If you rarely do any deep cleaning, you're going to have more risk with cockroaches. Homeowners with pets also have more issues with cockroaches because roaches eat dog droppings and get into cat boxes.

Cockroaches Are Highly Mobile

Not only are roaches attracted to filth and rotting things, but they have the ability to quickly transport microorganisms from dirty places to clean places. It takes seconds for a cockroach to go from your kitchen trash to your stored foods, and even less time to go from your toilet rim to your toothbrush. Cockroaches can race up a wall at full speed and run across a ceiling without slowing down.

Cockroaches Can Chew

When cockroaches get into your stored foods, they can chew through cardboard, paper, and plastic to gain access to your food. If you're dealing with cockroaches, your first step should be to protect your stored food by putting items in sealed containers.

The Best Way To Control Cockroaches

It is very difficult to get rid of cockroaches, and even more difficult to keep them out of your home if you do not have an education in cockroach control. For cockroach control in Wilmington, contact Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators. We exterminate cockroaches and also provide ongoing residential pest control that can keep cockroaches and other dangerous pests out of your home. Connect with us today. We can help.

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