Six Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Wilmington's Summer Travelers

July 14, 2020

If you're planning to take a tip this summer, it is a good idea to keep bed bug prevention in mind. Bed bugs are commonly found in businesses that provide sleep accommodations, no matter how clean or well kept they are. These bugs are not drawn to bacteria or filth, they are passively brought into businesses from visitors who have bed bugs at home. Every visitor has the ability to bring bed bugs in. And every visitor has a chance of bringing these bugs home with them. Here are six ways you can prevent bed bugs from coming home with you and taking root in your home.

bed bug on bed

1. Quick Inspection

  • No matter where you stay, it is a good idea to do a quick inspection. The following checklist can help you do this:

  • Leave your bags in your vehicle or on the floor in the bathroom to reduce the chances of picking up bed bugs.

  • Inspect the bed as thoroughly as you can, paying close attention to recesses, creases, and cracks. Use a credit card to drag along the seams of the mattress and box spring.

  • Inspect other furniture, electronics, baseboards, and around wall outlet covers.

What to look for:

  • Immature bed bug nymphs, which are about 1 mm to 4 mm long, pale to tan in color with six legs and two antennae.

  • Adult bed bugs, which are 4.5 mm, a rusty brown color with creases on the abdomen, six legs, and two antennae.

  • Black fecal matter. This might appear as speckles or in a soaked patch.

  • Dried brown or tan blood stains.

  • Shed skins from developing bed bugs.

  • Tiny white eggs.

2. Keep Bed Bugs Out

Bed bugs spread passively by crawling into items that have dark hiding places, cracks, creases, and tight compacted spaces. Your luggage is a prime target. Consider putting your suitcases and bags in sealed plastic bags.

3. Store Laundry

Bed bugs are strongly attracted to the smell of clothing that has been worn. Refrain from laying clothing on a chair or dropping an item on the floor. Like your luggage, it is wise to keep laundry in a sealed plastic bag.

4. Make Use Of The Luggage Rack

When you get into your luggage, it is best to use the luggage rack provided. Refrain from putting suitcases or bags open on the floor or bed.

5. Inspect Your Bags Before Bringing Them In

When you return home, consider taking your clothing out of your luggage and doing a quick inspection of the cracks and crevices within. If you find bed bugs, you can eliminate them by applying an isopropyl alcohol spray directly to the insects or their eggs. This will work to dry them out and kill them. Keep in mind that this is only effective when you can clearly see bed bugs and directly treat them in an outdoor location. You will not have success using isopropyl alcohol to arrest an infestation in your home.

6. Wash Your Clothes

Bring all your clothes inside and immediately run them through a hot wash and a dryer cycle. Thirty minutes in your dryer is enough to kill bed bugs in all stages of development. If you are concerned that an item might have bed bugs, forego the wash and put the item directly in the dryer for that thirty minute period.

What To Do About An Infestation

If bed bugs find a way into your home, we strongly recommend you invest in a professional bed bug treatment. It is extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs. For assistance with bed bug control in Wilmington, reach out to Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators. We know what is required to exterminate these tormenting pests. 

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