The Key To Identifying Bed Bug Problems In Your Wilmington Home

January 3, 2020

Bed bugs are small but not as invisible as some may think - at least not in all their forms. While nymphs are nearly colorless and as small as 1/20th of an inch, adults can be seen by the naked eye. Ranging in color from brown to reddish-brown, adult bed bugs grow to be 1/4 inch long with broad, oval bodies. Bed bugs will appear flat when unfed and swollen and elongated when engorged.

bed bugs on white sheet

Bed Bug Bites

These elusive creatures get their name from their habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. Often bites, which can be confused with mosquito or flea bites, are the first sign of a problem. Bed bugs feed for five to ten minutes at a time but only once every five to ten days. Between feedings, bed bugs go into deep hiding as they digest, mate, and lay eggs. While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, their bites can become red, itchy welts and are often found in clusters.

Other Signs Of Bed Bug Activity

While bed bug bites are a common sign of infestation, there are other signs that can become apparent as an infestation grows. You may see small rust-colored blood stains on sheets, find evidence of droppings, or discover exoskeletons left behind. Some people report being able to smell a sweet musty odor.

Contrary to what their name implies, bed bugs will seek harborage in almost every place people gather. Bed bugs can be found in homes, hotels, schools, offices, stores, and even on public transportation. Bed bug infestations have been dramatically on the rise since 1999. A common misconception about bed bugs is that they are found in poorly kept homes. While many people attempt to control populations through vacuuming and thorough cleaning, bed bugs can be found in even the best-kept homes.

Bug-N-A-Rug Is Ready To Help

Do it yourself solutions often fall short and can even exacerbate the problem. Bed bugs can be tough to spot and are often not in materials that can easily be put in the dryer or frozen - two popular DIY techniques. Even with the most careful cleaning, bed bugs or their eggs can be hard to locate and part of the population can easily be missed. Bed bugs eat on a weekly basis but can survive for months without food. If even one-bed bug is found, treatment by a pest management professional is strongly recommended. If you suspect bed bugs may be an issue in your home, call Bug-N-A-Rug, and we will send a technician to your property free of charge for a complimentary inspection.

Problems With Using Pesticides For Bed Bug Control

Don't fall into the trap of introducing pesticides to your home! Over the counter products are likely to disperse bed bugs, resulting in more difficult treatment at a later date. Foggers and bug bombs are not effective and can worsen conditions. Even when insecticides are effective, it can take up to ten days to kill the bugs. During that time females continue to deposit up to 50 viable eggs at a time into cracks and crevices throughout your home guaranteeing the survival of a bed bug population. Furthermore, Many pesticides can harm furniture or become a health hazard for your pets and family.

The Safer Solution To Eliminating Bed Bugs From Your Wilmington Home

Bug-N-A-Rug's custom bed bug treatment kills bed bugs in just six hours with heat - not chemicals. Our environmentally friendly treatment plan saves time and money. We use state-of-the-art TempAir technology to raise temperatures to a maximum of 140 degrees in order to kill every single bed bug in the building without any damage to property or belongings. We provide the safest and best method with no risk of residual chemicals.

If you suspect bed bugs may be an issue in your home call the professionals at Bug-N-A-Rug. With over two decades of experience, we can answer all of your questions and provide a permanent solution to your bed bug concerns. Call today (910) 254-9443 for our Wilmington office or (910) 754-9700 to reach our Brunswick office.

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