The Truth About How Bed Bugs Get Into Wilmington Homes

April 30, 2020

Bed bugs are shrouded in mystery. This is due, in part, to the fact that these insects have only been a pest control issue in the United States since the end of the 1990s. Before that, they were considered to be a problem other countries had to deal with. But it wasn't always like that. Bed bugs came to America with the earliest colonists. These insects were such a problem, passengers were banned from bringing bedding on board ships going to the New World. The reason we got a short reprieve can be attributed to a product called DDT, which was widely used in the 50s and 60s. This product was eventually deemed too hazardous. It is now used mostly for combating Malaria in underdeveloped countries. Here in the States, without the help of DDT, and with an incredible increase in world travel, bed bugs have returned—and they have returned with a vengeance. If you're confused about these insects and how they get into Wilmington homes, we understand. They are a relatively new pest problem. Here's what you need to know.

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Do bed bugs care how clean your home is?

You might think that you're safe from bed bugs because you keep a clean home. This is a common misconception. While you might catch bed bugs faster if you keep a tight ship, a dirty home is not going to have an impact on these insects. Bed bugs aren't attracted to bacteria. They live where they can get a blood meal. The only thing a dirty house provides bed bugs is a higher availability of places to hide.

Do bed bugs come in from the outside?

Yes. But not in the way you might think. Bed bugs don't live in your yard. That means they're not going to squeeze in through gaps and cracks in your exterior. It is also important to understand that any pest control barrier around the outside of your home will have no impact on bed bugs. These insects are carried into your home. They can be brought in by a guest, or they can be brought in by someone living in your home.

Can you only get bed bugs from hotels and motels?

No. While hotels and motels are high traffic businesses that provide sleeping accommodations for people and present an ideal environment for bed bugs, they are far from the only businesses that can have bed bugs. These insects can be found in a wide range of businesses.

  • Bed bugs have been found in movie theaters because they can come out in dark locations and feed on people while they're awake.

  • Bed bugs have been found in libraries because they hide in cracks and lay their eggs in cracks, such as the recesses of hardback books.

  • Bed bugs have been found in schools because they passively travel with students who have an infestation at home.

  • Bug bugs have been found in used furniture stores because they hide inside mattresses, box springs, bed frames, bed stands, couches, chairs, and more.

  • Bed bugs have been found in office buildings because they come in on people who have an infestation in their home.

Do you see the problem?

You can pick bed bugs up by going to work. You can get them when your kids bring them home from school, or from a friend's house. You can get them when you ride in a taxi, bus, or on the subway. You can get them from bringing used furniture into your home. We could go on and on.

How can you keep bed bugs out?

There is no way to fully exclude bed bugs from your home. The most important thing you can do about bed bugs is respond to them quickly if you ever find them. This is where we can help. The licensed pest control professionals here at Bug-N-A-Rug have the experience and training to locate and eliminate bed bugs. Reach out to us immediately for assistance. When you respond quickly to bed bugs, you prevent them from spreading. That's important because what goes around can come around… again and again. 

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