What Smells Do Wilmington Bed Bugs Hate?

May 28, 2021

Bed bugs are such well-known parasites, people will try just about anything to keep them out and remove them quickly. The problem is that faulty methods don’t always work, and even effective solutions can wind up being a waste when they are administered by untrained hands. That’s why you need to learn how bed bug infestations start and why you should turn directly to the experts at the first sign.

bed bug crawling on pillow

Can You Really Prevent Bed Bugs?

Despite what some people might tell you, bed bugs are nearly impossible to completely prevent. For one, they are incredibly tiny and good at hiding until nighttime, so people can have infestations on their property and not even know it. For another, bed bugs don’t just target dirty homes or businesses, as some might believe, and they don’t only infest mattresses and sheets. Instead, bed bugs can spread just about anywhere, utilizing their hitchhiking nature to cling to unsuspecting people or belongings. In truth, bed bugs can target anywhere people are present. They often gather in hotspots, areas with lots of people, where they can easily latch onto passing people or items. This is how infestations spread from one place to the next, so no property is ever truly 100% safe. That’s why it’s better to arm yourself with the best information possible and to turn directly to professionals for fast removal.

Essential Oils: The Essential Info

Right now, essential oils are all the rage. More and more people are turning to natural solutions over more aggressive or potentially toxic chemicals to ward off pests. While this is a smart trend for homeowners, it also opens people up to a lot of misinformation about proper pest control. While some studies have shown that certain essential oils can be effective at killing pests, the science is still largely unproven in terms of essential oils being an actual bed bug solution. While certain oils, like orange oil extracts, can indeed kill bed bugs by melting away their shells, the truth is that these methods won’t necessarily solve the larger pest problem. You need to know how to completely root out all the pests, and their eggs, to apply the solution in enough volume to stop future generations from spawning. A USDA conducted study showed bud bugs to have an aversion to paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint oil, however they, along with orange oil, were determined to be barely effective.  Whether these same essential oils work to destroy bed bug eggs is less certain. That’s why smart property owners turn directly to experts.

Tried & True Bed Bug Prevention

Rather than waste time and money on essential oils that might not work, turn instead to these tried and true methods of bed bug prevention:

  • Cleaning: Regularly cleaning your bedsheets, and checking your furniture and closets, will disturb a bed bug’s habitat and allow you to catch populations early.
  • Heat: When washing your linens, dry them on high heat, since the extreme temperatures can kill bed bugs and eliminate their hidden eggs.
  • Professionals: The only way to guarantee that every bed bug is addressed is with expert guidance. Contact your local pest professionals today.

Don’t Try DIY, Call The Pros Instead

Instead of trying to handle a bed bug infestation on your own, or trying to prevent something that can’t fully be prepared for, turn directly to the pest professionals who can arm you with the right information. At Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators, our friendly staff is eager to inspect your property for any signs of bed bugs. We can not only look for signs of pest activity, we can provide you with more tips for how you can make sure bed bug populations never grow without your knowledge. Our expert guidance and proven solutions give you the best chance of avoiding bed bugs. If they’re already there, only professional solutions are guaranteed to root bed bugs out and make sure they don’t feed on you in your sleep.

For true protection from parasitic bed bugs, contact Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators.

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